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The 6 Most Important Traits to Look for When Choosing a Mentor

In this article, I highlight what I believe are the six most important traits to look for when choosing a mentor based on my experience

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When starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, you are laser-focused on your new business idea or venture. You’re excited about the prospect of success; you can see that your solution solves a big problem and you’re motivated to turn the idea into reality. So, in this situation, you have a few choices. Do you try to work things out on your own? Or do you turn to someone who can mentor you and steer you in the right direction?

If you choose to have a mentor, you’ve made a great decision. Although I will say, you can still have success if you put your head down and go it alone. But your journey will be longer, more stressful and potentially more expensive.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the start-up world. I honestly can say that my mentors have shaped me into the entrepreneur I am today. I saw how they operated, and it inspired me to work hard every day to go to the next level and achieve the same success they had. 

So, you would like to find a mentor who can guide you along your journey, now what? Let’s dissect what I believe are the 6 most important traits to look for when choosing a mentor.

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