The 6 Scary Truths About Becoming an Entrepreneur

By | Stacey Alcorn |

There’s a haunting, scary, messy  about being an entrepreneur. Those who dream about  think about the freedom of being able to chase big dreams, the thrill of building empires and the joy of making a mark on the world by doing something better than any other person in a field has yet done. 

There’s something to all this. Entrepreneurship is indeed fun, rewarding and freeing. But there’s a dark side to entrepreneurship that nobody likes to talk about much. Being an entrepreneur can be grueling, spirit breaking and downright tough. I hope you have thick skin. You’ll need it. Here are the six scary truths of entrepreneurship:

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1. You are not your own boss.

I wanted to be my own boss, just like millions of other entrepreneurs. What I soon learned was that great entrepreneurs are never the boss, except perhaps in title. There are more than 300  professionals and staff members at the company I own — and they are the bosses. 

Awesome businesses are built by listening to the people who make the  entity run. Anytime one of my people calls me “the boss,” I quickly remind that individual that I am directed by my team. I am their employee, the one employee who has 300 bosses who help lead the ship.

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