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The 7 Trends Reshaping Talent Development

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Today’s talent development teams face a tough reality. Tried and true ways of doing business are being rapidly upended by new technologies, new competitors and sky-high customer expectations.

To respond and thrive, organizations need digitally savvy, future-fluent leaders who are agile, strategic, data-driven and resilient. And they need them now. That means it’s time to take a new look at talent development.

To better understand this changing landscape, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) recently surveyed hundreds of learning and development leaders from more than 65 countries. The results point to seven important trends — each of which requires us to rethink talent development.

Trend 1: Accidental Leaders

First-timers who fail: All-star contributors who excel in functional roles are often rewarded with promotions into leadership. But being a standout in an area of functional expertise doesn’t mean an individual has the skills to manage people. Without support, many of these first-time leaders may fail, derailing once-promising careers.

What you can do: Proactively identify the competencies first-time leaders need to succeed in your company and your market sector. Assess each new leader’s skills and tailor development programs appropriately.

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