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The 9 Rules of Work Email Etiquette Smart People Follow

By | Elle Griffin |

It’s no longer considered crazy to wear jeans in the workplace or grab drinks with your boss after hours, but when it comes to using emojis in an email, the lines get a little blurrier.

It can be difficult to navigate the ins and outs of professional email etiquette. But it’s most likely the main way you connect with your boss and co-workers (besides, you know, in person). And that means every message you send is a chance to make a good impression…or a bad one.

Here are nine rules of work email you must follow—if you want to keep your online reputation intact.

1. Start With a Solid Subject Line

If you’re sending an email to one of your superiors, keep in mind that they likely have hundreds of messages in their inbox.

So what does your boss do with most of them? Either press delete or star them for later (and never actually read them). That means you only have one chance to get their attention: An enticing subject line can help ensure they actually open it.

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