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The 9 skills that will help you ‘get promoted faster and receive top performance reviews,’ according to a career expert

By | Rob Cross |

Can you identify a time when you were energized at work? In other words, you gave more effort than you would’ve expected to, doing something that you wouldn’t have thought was particularly exciting — because someone infused the task with energy and spurred your enthusiasm.

Why did you feel that way?

Chances are it was less about the work and more about the people you collaborated with. Perhaps the client visit became inspiring because your counterpart was so passionate and engaged. Or your boss gave you a boost of motivation because they showed genuine excitement about your ideas, interests and aspirations for the project.

People who create this experience for others at work frequently are called energizers. They thrive on collaboration and personal connections with teammates.

How to be an energizer

Energizers win by creating what I call “pull.” If you have this quality, you’re better at attracting and retaining great people; you get more creativity out of the individuals around you; top talent wants to work with you; and you get better support for your ideas and projects.

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