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The art of being assertive: 12 traits of people who stand up for themselves

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Being assertive is much more complicated than we think. 

More often than not, we find it hard to stand up for our beliefs, needs, and values for fear of rocking the boat or hurting other people’s feelings.

The thing is, the art of being assertive requires a balancing act. There are ways to express your needs and feelings while also considering the needs and feelings of others.

If you’re someone who’s afraid to speak up or who suffers from being too passive, then this article may be helpful.

Learn more about the traits of people who stand up for themselves. Find out why these traits are worth emulating, and how you can master them to live a more fulfilling life.

Let’s dive in!

1) They’re self-aware

Think about this for a minute: Do you have a strong sense of self-worth?

You see, when you know how valuable you are and what you deserve, it becomes much more meaningful to stand up for yourself.

Assertive people know and value their authentic selves. They have a deep understanding of their needs, emotions, strengths, weaknesses, character, desires, and motives. 

They accept themselves unconditionally, with all their flaws, imperfections, and limitations. But it doesn’t stop there: They don’t let their weaknesses limit them.

They can effectively navigate challenges and situations because they’re guided by their values.

2) They’re confident

This one’s connected to my earlier point about self-worth. That’s because assertiveness comes from a place of confidence.

Here’s the deal: The way we think and feel about ourselves influences how we show up for ourselves and the world.

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