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The Art of Making Decisions

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So, you’re deciding between taking a job near you that pays less but keeps you closer to your family, or one on the West coast that pays more but where you don’t know anyone. Or maybe you’re trying to decide about whether to end a relationship, or what refrigerator to buy. It’s easy to feel flooded with all the information, overwhelmed by all the conflicting emotions. But at its base, decision-making is about problem-solving in the dual sense that the decision you are trying to make is a solution to an emotional or practical problem, and the process itself is a problem-solving exercise.

Here are some suggestions to help get you get off the fence on both fronts regardless of big or small your decision may be:

Figure out what is at the top of your list

This is the most important part of the process and often the most difficult; once you figure this out everything else more easily falls in line. Here you want to think big — what’s most important to you about a job, a relationship, a refrigerator? Money, experience, career ladder, location. Calm personality, has the same vision of future or same religious beliefs. Has a side or bottom freezer or doesn’t cost a million dollars? What is the problem that you are looking to find a solution for? Take your time sorting through this.

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