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The Benefits of Hybrid Events

By | Saanvi Patel

All around the world, as social restrictions are being lifted over the time period; many of the organizing committees may be tempted for a full return to in-person events. However, as per the surveys conducted by various agencies, Hybrid events would still be a part of any event strategy even after the pandemic comes to an end. A hybrid event is an event which is an amalgam of live and digital events. It caters the in house as well as online audiences, thus expanding its reach across the boundaries.

The turnout at the hybrid events has always been better than that at either onsite or online events. It has been observed that hybrid events provide one with many more incredible benefits than a live event. In due course of time, it is being estimated that more than 50% of event planners are going to opt for hybrid events as their go-to format.

Why so, because the kind of flexibility and mass approach the hybrid events offer is unparalleled. Hybrid events platforms are capable of covering a huge clientele base globally which is one of its most predominant advantages.

Now, let’s discuss some of the most salient benefits of organizing a hybrid event:

Extensive participant reach

This is the first and foremost asset that comes with the hybrid event. The no. of participants is not confined due to limited space at the venue or due government’s covid restrictions. You can organize the event with a gigantic crowd without any chaos given to the capabilities of the web platform chosen by you for hosting the event. The attendees can tune in to the event from any nook and corner of the world without having to worry about monetary stress.

The organizers should be vigilant enough to mention different time zones in the time details of the event home page. More than 80% of marketers are in sync with the fact that audience reach is the most positive outcome of digital events.


The hybrid events are quite economic given to the no. of participants they can host at a time. The accessibility of these events from anywhere has retrenched the travel, food and accommodation expenses. Exponential increase in your online presence might cut down on resources at your physical event, aiding in reduction of the overall event expenditure. Strategic planning is highly recommended while chalking out the complete, to keep everything in check.

Enhanced accessibility

Onsite events have their own restrictions like limited seating; some of the attendees may have traveling issues due to personal safety during pandemic or financial reasons. Hosting a hybrid event eliminates all these barriers and can expand its reach across the globe. These events provide much better accessibility to their audience as they can be a part of the same from the comfort as well as safety of their home.

Make the event inclusive

You should always put in efforts to add the spice of inclusivity to make your event stand out in the crowd. For instance, adding caption generating software to the sessions on live streams because it has been observed that reading the same thing while listening imbibes it better in your brain. In case you have some hearing impaired participants, adding captions is a must.

Piquing audience engagement

The organizers can provide some extra engagement opportunities that can allow interaction from both kinds of audiences throughout the event. For instance, one can host some Q&A sessions at the onsite event and live stream it letting the offsite audience get involved too. Some quick polls can be carried out, can provide an open chat room to share their opinions, and organize some giveaways by the sponsors.

Do you know, hybrid events can also bring forth effective networking opportunities with the right use of technology.

Acquiring accurate data

The Virtual Team Building Events have an upper hand when it comes to compilation of accurate audience data whereas there are chances of miscalculation at physical events as they mostly are dependent on manual headcount and survey responses. With online elements all the data is systematically compiled and you can access it as per your ease. Your choice of web platform or the virtual event platform plays a vital role in the success of the event. Platforms like DREAMCAST which provide you 100% customized interface as per your choice and requirements and strive their best to deliver a smooth experience are a good bet. The Dreamcast team can manage everything from live streaming to AWS server management, creating distinct 3D/2D/DIY platforms.

Unrestricted and vast choice of Speakers

As we have mentioned earlier that there are no boundaries that restrict the audience from attending the event, the same goes for the speakers. You can rope in some renowned speakers from all over the world and increase the USP of your event. The speakers don’t have to travel but can directly live stream into the event giving an insight into their motivational world. This also saves a lot of time and resources and gives you a better quality of speakers to choose from. As the audience reach is quite vast with a hybrid event, there are high chances of landing some superstar speaker, something that is quite difficult with an in-person event due to its own limitations.

Be the nature’s crusaders

Giving people the option to tune into the event from their comfort zone has led to a great reduction in unnecessary travel. This in turn has caused a substantial reduction of carbon footprint. The provision of digital resources at your hybrid events has also slashed the paper usage and wastage. Digital resources could be links to additional reading or documents uploaded on common servers. 

Minimizing the risk factor

While organizing a hybrid event, you are well prepared for both live and digital portions. This gives you a chance to avoid having to cancel an event due to unforeseen scenarios like flight cancellations, natural calamities hampering travel plans or something like the world wide pandemic. With your virtual elements all decked up, it’s possible for you to switch the mode and carry on the event without complete cancellations.


The Hybrid Events will be the most sought after type of events in the coming times due to their numerous benefits. So, embrace the change and go with the flow.

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