The Best Educational Tools for Students: How to Learn Effectively and Thrive in School

By | Branson Tachao

Academic success is more often dependent on what you do outside the classroom than what you learn in the classroom.Your ability to learn effectively and understand the concepts can make or break your academic knowledge.

This guide to the best educational tools will help you make informed decisions about how to study, complete assignments, prepare for tests, and deal with all the other stresses that come with being a student.

Why Use Tools for Education?

Education is one of the precious and most important gifts one can give themselves or their children, but it has also become one of the most expensive.

Luckily, we have access to plenty of educational tools that help you learn about anything, anytime, anywhere. Be it learning coding, creating music, developing applications, and whatnot. You can make your learning activities simply effective by using educational tools.

How to Learn Effectively and Thrive in School?

Learning reliable and trustworthy information can be tricky for students. Here are some tips and tricks one can follow to improve their educational experience;

  1. Learning shouldn’t be limited to classrooms: Your grades and education are not all about what you learn inside a classroom. Learning should never be limited to that; instead, you can use different tools to get the necessary knowledge about any subject to master it.
  2. Everything is available online for free:Once you put your interest in studies, you’ll see numerous online resources to understand concepts better. You can utilize them to stand out in your education.
  3. Avoid Distractions:The most important thing while studying is to avoid distractions; else, you can never get good grades. Learning in a quiet place would be best to focus on your learning. Additionally, give your brain enough time to process by taking small breaks while looking.
  4. Keep your schedule simple: One can increase productivity by keeping their schedule simple and less chaotic. It helps you in time management and reduces frustration.
  5. Help others for a better learning experience: One can get the best learning experience if they teach or help someone else in their studies.
  6. Use the right tools and apps: It gets difficult for you as a student to manage all the hectic tasks, assignments, and activities. That’s where technology comes in to make your jobs easier. You can use educational tools to generate the best outcomes in studies.

The Best Educational Tools for Students:

Here are the best educational tools for students to make their education and studies more effective and outstanding;

1.    Evernote:

Evernote is one of the best note-taking applications that help students never miss any activities and tasks. It makes students’ life even easier when it comes to learning and studies. It makes it effortless for students to manage their lectures and every information the teacher provides.


  • Evernote helps students organize their classroom notes into a virtual notebook that you can carry anywhere.
  • To add to your online booklist, you can turn all your print books into scanned documents, i-e; pdf or word.
  • Students can communicate directly with the teacher inside the application.
  • A web clipper quickly bookmarks the content for research, so you never forget any task.
  • Digitize hand-written notes to your mobiles and laptops.

2.     Hemmingway app:

Hemingway app is another one of the best tools used as a proofreading tool. We all know how important it is to make sure your work is free from errors and any mistakes. It improves the grammar and vocabulary of your document. It helps you with sentence structure and other crucial aspects of your writing.


  • It is helping many students as well as academic writers with the creation of unique and error-free text.
  • You can check the spellings and access appropriate synonyms in your writings.
  • It helps students make their sentences less complex.
  • You can use it anywhere as no internet connection is required to use this tool.

3.     Grammar Check:

Grammar Check is a tool based on Artificial Intelligence that helps students eliminate grammatical errors smartly. Students can improve all their assignments, quizzes, and other educational writings error-free with just a single click.


  • Grammar Checker helps you fetch accurate results without mistakes and at no cost.
  • It provides you with instant response and has a simple interface.
  • The tool allows automatic suggestions by highlighting all grammatical and other grammatical mistakes.
  • The one-click correction feature will enable you to correct all your errors with a single click that fixes all mistakes.
  • You can upload the content from device storage, Google drive, and drop box anytime.
  • The best thing about the app is that you can check the grammar of text with an unlimited word count.

4.    Summarizer:

There are numerous educational tools, and knowing which would be the best for you can be challenging. 

If you’re a student and want to make your writing precise and to the point, then the Summarizer is the best tool.

Summarizer helps students summarize the whole lengthy paragraphs into a short to the main point of the subject. It keeps the original meaning of the text present.


  • Summarizer provides a fantastic feature of manually setting the summary length according to your requirement.
  • It offers three modes of generating summary and short forms of content;
  • Summary
  • Bullet Point
  • Best Lines
  • It has multiple language support that gives you an overview of different languages.

5.     ZOOM:

There’s no doubt that Zoom is one of the best educational tools for students. It’s a great way to stay connected with classmates and teachers, and it’s also a great way to learn new material.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, which shifted the trends to online schooling, the zoom was the most used tool for virtual classrooms.


  • A zoom is a user-friendly tool that provides an ultimate user experience for all students and teachers.
  • It has offered a lot to the education industry where it provides secure video conferencing for hybrid classrooms.
  • It provides HD-quality audio and video calls so that students get to understand every bit of it.
  • It has a digital whiteboard solution, instant content sharing, and many other advanced features for virtual studies.
  • You can record the whole session so that students can watch them later anytime, anywhere.


There are numerous tools available online that help students in their educational activities. You can use them without any additional resources other than the internet itself. The tools help you perform all your activities effectively and more productive. The tools save time and effort to utilize in other creative and beneficial student tasks.

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