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The Best People to Help You Succeed (and the Worst)

Source | LinkedIn : By Deepak Chopra

Over the course of a career, everyone encounters a wide variety of co-workers, bosses, rivals, customers, and advisers. Some of these are more appealing than others on a personal and emotional basis. But how much they can help or hurt your path to success is a separate question. A career needs planning and handling, which means that you must become aware of how other people affect it. Being able to assess the benefit of a business relationship–or the lack of benefit–is a skill like any other. 

Here are five traits that are possessed by people who can help you the most:

  1. Loyalty
  2. Honesty
  3. Competitiveness
  4. Team-building
  5. Creativity

 Loyalty is important, perhaps even the most important, because it means that someone else can be trusted. Such a person is likely to share their success with you, protect your interests, and not always be out for number one. Honesty is self-explanatory, but it’s still worthwhile to beware of someone you catch in a lie, or who makes empty promises or doesn’t carry through when they say they will do something. Those are signs of lack of integrity just as much as outright dishonesty. 

Competitive people can be a challenge, because their desire to win often makes every encounter, even casual ones, a competition. But their craving to be a winner is very useful. These are the kind of people who create success around them if you are able to sit back and let them win. If you compete with them, however, the “I am a winner” type also is quick to jump ship and drop others on their way to the top. Clearly a competitive type who is also loyal is invaluable.

Few job situations will expose you to the next big success, a charismatic figure you can link with, but many job situations involve team efforts. Therefore, finding someone who is a good team-builder is often critical. Team-builders look out for everyone on the team and listen to everyone’s contribution. They make you feel valued and respected. They keep the team project on schedule and reach the goal with minimal conflict and personal hassles.

Creative people don’t tend to be team-builders, but they have a sense of curiosity, discovery, and innovation that makes work exciting. Being loners by nature, they aren’t easy to relate to; their primary focus will always be on their own creations. But if you find someone who is genuinely creative, just being around them can spark new ideas in you, and if you are lucky enough that your creative colleague has major talent, you may find yourself helping to bring an important innovation to the world. 


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