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The best remote leaders do these 3 things—because great leadership doesn’t only come from in-person work

By | Annika Kim Constantino |

Great leadership can come from working in person. It can come from working remotely, too.

That’s according to Tom Gimbel, a leadership expert and CEO of Chicago-based employment agency LaSalle Network who regularly works with other leaders to place people in jobs across a wide array of industries.

Gimbel says that despite some bosses insisting that their employees return to the office, leaders can be exceptional at their jobs in a remote setting, too: Great leadership boils down to “compassionate accountability,” and you can practice that from one cubicle or 5,000 miles away.

A McKinsey & Company survey released last month found that 80 million Americans engage in hybrid work arrangements, but many want to work remotely for the much of the week when given the option.

“People really want to have and work for a leader who challenges them, who drives them, but also has compassion,” Gimbel tells CNBC Make It. He adds that leading remotely isn’t actually that different from leading in person, as long as you keep three key strategies in mind:

Respect your colleagues’ boundaries

More than anything, remote leaders need to be considerate and respectful of boundaries, Gimbel says. It’s a way of demonstrating compassion — crucial in a remote setting, where work environments may not always be ideal or unexpected events can crop up.

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