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The Best Smart Gadgets For Your Home

By | Bernard Marr

The range of smart home gadgets available is constantly growing, with just about every household or entertainment appliance now available as a connected, online device. Some, like the home hubs and connected thermostats, have been around for a while and have gone through several generations of refinements and added functionality. Others are new to the online world, and to be honest, you may never have even realized you needed a connected version until now!

Here’s my pick of the best, the most interesting or the most innovative offerings on the market, which are either available now or coming soon!

Orro intelligent light switch

There are a few different wifi-enabled lighting systems available now, but Orro’s is the first that aims to use self-learning technology to understand how you like to light your home and anticipate your mood lighting needs in advance. 

As well as sensing when people enter or leave a room, it comes to understand your lighting preferences and how they change according to the time of day, as well as the natural light entering the room. It can also connect to smart hubs such as Amazon’s Alexa, and act as an extension to their voice recognition capabilities.

Netatmo indoor security camera

Again, there are dozens of wifi-enabled security camera systems marketed to the domestic user these days, but Netamo’s device takes things a step further by incorporating actual artificial intelligence, in the form of facial recognition abilities.

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