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The best time to ask for a raise, says a recruiter who’s worked for Meta, Microsoft and LinkedIn

By | Jennifer Liu |

People usually think the best times to negotiate your pay are when you’re interviewing for a new job or at your year-end performance review, but they’re not the only acceptable checkpoints to bring up compensation with your manager.

Even some HR experts say they wish they’d known this sooner, including Maddie Machado, a reverse recruiter in Tampa, Fla., who’s previously worked for Meta, Microsoft and LinkedIn.

She says one big myth she wishes people understood better is that “you don’t have to wait until promotion cycles or merit increase cycles to ask for more money,” Machado tells CNBC Make It.

“There’s never a wrong time” to revisit pay with your manager or HR, she says. “This is your money, and every week you wait to have the conversation is a week you’re getting a few hundred dollars less than what you could be getting paid.”

After all, she adds, “companies never feel hesitation negotiating contracts with other vendors or clients.” She once alerted her boss she wanted to revisit her pay and got a 10% raise offer without having to negotiate.

The best time to ask for a raise, then, is when you’re prepared to make a strong case for it based on your contributions and performance. Here are Machado’s tips on how to ask for a raise the right way:

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