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The Best Way to Part Your Hair for Your Face Shape

Forget complicated makeup contouring. Instead, make your cheekbones look higher and your jawline seem softer by parting your hair in the most flattering way

By | Kaitlin Clark |

Why your hair part matters

One of the great equalizers in life is that we all have endured at least one hairstyle that just…didn’t work. For me, it was a center-part bob in college that was supposed to accentuate my heart-shaped face, and oh boy, did it ever. My wavy type 2 hair fell equally on both sides of my face, and according to my generous brother, it gave me the appearance of a Lego head. Luckily, as the style grew into a lob, I was able to use the length to play around with different hair parts, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it changed my entire facial appearance.

Gen Z’ers recently declared side parts to be “over.” Perhaps they have not yet had this humbling experience, because anyone who has knows what a gift from heaven a side part can be, especially when recovering from a serious hairstyle mistake. It’s also a very forgiving type of part that works with most face shapes. But women with oblong and rectangular faces, beware: A deep side part can elongate a face, depending on your hair type, so if your hair skews straight as an arrow, it’s best to spritz a salt spray in first for some extra movement.

Hair plays a major role in how we look and feel, and it begins with a solid foundation. Not sure what works best for you? Find inspiration in our guides to hairstyles that will make you look younger and hairstyles for women over 40, and of course, talk to your stylist. From there, you can tame your hair with the best shampoos and conditioners for your hair type, along with a biweekly hair mask (or weekly if you have hair type 3 or 4) like this K18 leave-in hair mask. You’ll also want to make sure you’re rocking the best hair color for your skin tone. With these foundational elements on lock, read ahead to discover the most flattering ways to part your hair, and you’ll be looking your best in no time.

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