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The Best Ways to Measure Customer Engagement

By | Samantha Higgins

One of the top ways to get more sales is to track your customer engagement. This is the data that tells you much a customer engages with everything from your ads to your product page and your overall brand. In order to measure customer engagement, you have to know what behaviors to actually measure. Here are the five best ways to measure customer engagement.

1. Activity time

Activity time can include how much a customer will spend on your website or in your store. The longer someone spends engaged with your point of sale, the better the chance that you can convert that visitor into a sale. There are a number of website tracking software services that you can use to measure activity time. These tracking software services are a valuable sales tool that can measure time on site as well as areas where the website visitor has clicked or visited. You can use activity time to measure which pages are most effective on your website. If you have a physical store, you can measure where, in the store, your visitors spend most of their time.

2. Visit frequency

In addition to how long someone spends engaged in your brand or point of sale, you want to measure how often they visit your store or your website. On average, a customer will make 9.5 visits to a brand before they buy. Therefore you will want to take the people who visit your store once and get them to come back again and again. That repeat visit is going to be more valuable to you than an initial visit. Therefore, you will want to create a “retargeting” campaign to get that first time customer back to your store. You can use a Facebook or Google pixel to track your website visitors and use a retargeting campaign to get them back to your store. A pixel is a piece of software that tracks all the activity on your website.

3. Cart value

Another way to measure customer engagement is to see how much they spend every time that they buy. Ideally, you want your customers to spend as much as possible in your store. The measure of how much a customer buys is known as the cart value. When you average out the cart value of all your customers you get an average cart value. You can boost your average cart value by offering upsells at the point of sale. If you are selling online, there are eCommerce apps that offer upsell funnels that can offer customized products or services based on the items that are already in the customer’s cart. Since it is much easier to sell to someone who is already buying from you, upsells are an easy way to boost your average cart value.

4. Click thru rate

One of the most popular ways to measure customer engagement is to check the click-thru rate. This is the rate at which someone will click on a link in your ad, your email or your website. For instance, if 1,000 people see your Facebook ad and 20 people click on the link, then your ad has a 2% click-thru rate. The one way that you can boost your click-thru rate is by split testing. By split testing, you run 2 ads. One ad is targeted to half your intended audience while the other half gets the second ad. Whichever ad has the highest click-thru rate is the more successful ad. You can split many things including e-mails, products, offers, lead magnets, links on your website and more. Continue to improve your click-thru rate and you can lower your ad costs and improve your conversion rates.

5. Repeat sales/loyalty

The most profitable way to make sales is to target repeat customers. After all, these customers already brought from you several times. Chances are that they like your product and they will buy from you again and again. You can keep these repeat customers buying from you by creating a loyalty program. A loyalty program can include a discount on volume purchases and special offers.

Getting more from your customers

You can measure your customer engagement by knowing your customer’s activity time, visit frequency, cart value, click-thru rate, and repeat buying behavior. By knowing how our customers engage you, your business will be better positioned to increase sales.

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