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The Best ways to search for a job in 2019

By | Ben Eubanks | Human Resources Professional, Speaker, and Blogger

If you find yourself looking for a job at the end of the 2019 season, no worries. There are many places to look for a job and many companies hiring as the expansion of the holiday season is approaching.  

Gone are the days where people work their entire career in just one place.  It is very common to switch up your job to keep things new and fresh. You should always try to stick with a job for a few years, to show that you are dependable and get along well with others.  But, when it is time to start something new, where do you look? Well, there are many places to look for a new job, and here are some of those!

Online Job Posts

This is probably the most common way people go about looking for a new job. Job postings are listed on various websites online to show openings. If you are looking for a job and have the right skill set, you will most likely find openings on online job posts.  Online job posts are posts that employers and recruiting officers make to find qualified candidates. These are all over online and are usually free to apply to. There are literally 100s of job posting websites, so don’t stop at just one!  

Be sure you have a resume up to date and have all the information that you will need before you start looking for postings.  However, sometimes you may need to tweak your resume to fit the job you are applying for.  

Networking and referrals

Remember that there are opportunities all around us.  If you are seeking a new job, let people know, you never know who they might know and what secret jobs there might be out there.  Sometimes the employers aren’t sure if there is any interest in a certain job so they haven’t posted it yet. Or they are trying to decide if they want to hire a freelancer or bring the tasks in the house.  For whatever reason, these are jobs that are not officially posted yet but are going to be opening up. Remember friends and family-run in other circles and know other people. You just never know what opportunities are out there.  

Job Fairs

Job fairs are where many companies go to recruit new young professionals.  These are typically held a colleges or hotel meeting rooms. If you are planning on going to the job fair, take a look ahead of time at who would be there interested in your skillset.  Make a resume for that particular company and come up with some questions for that company as well. This will give you more interaction with them and allow them to get to know you. And, it may even add a lasting impression when they return with all those resumes. There are alternative options like a virtual career fair. For more information check out

Company’s Websites

Company’s websites usually have postings of all the job openings for that particular company.  If you are interested in a particular place of employment this is the best way to keep a watchful eye for something to open up.  

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