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The big corporate training trends of 2019

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Ongoing staff training and development remain core factors for brands of all sizes. As workforces start to prioritize their own development, as well as their workload, employers are now required to keep more up to date on the developmental goals and needs of their team. Corporate training is a frantic area of study and modern entrepreneurs can be overwhelmed by the software, training types and development strategies that are often highlighted as “the next big thing.” If you want to cut through the noise, here are the five big corporate training trends of 2019 that you can expect to see continue growing in 2020.


Although this is a very convenient training option, it might not be suitable for all business models. It involves using a smartphone that will then deliver the right training just as it’s needed. For example, legislative changes over a weekend might change the way that you perform your role. Geofencing alerts you when changes like this happen and instructs you on how to carry out your duties safely and legally.


This is not a new trend, but bespoke development and training programs are becoming one of the most sought-after benefits from modern workforces. Now, job searchers are applying to those companies that will allow them to develop skills that will not only benefit them personally and professionally but will also add skill sets to the organization itself.

Analytics Development

Data analysis is becoming one of the most important skills that an employee can bring to the table. Understanding statistics and how to use them, as well as being able to easily identify the root causes of issues, is vital in the modern business landscape. For brands that want to take the guesswork out of business decisions, Black Belt Certification is one of the most consistently effective and popular team development options to consider.

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