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‘The biggest takeaway is just discipline.’ What it takes to build wealth, according to top financial advisors

By | Lorie Konish |

When it comes to financial uncertainties, the list of current possibilities may seem endless.

From high inflation to a possible looming recession and geopolitical turmoil, there are plenty of curve balls that may shift the U.S. economy and financial markets.

But for individual investors who employ some tried-and-true money strategies, getting wealthy and staying that way is well within their reach, according to financial experts who landed on CNBC’s Financial Advisor 100 list for 2022.

“The biggest takeaway is just discipline,” said Kaleialoha “Kalei” Cadinha-Pua’a, president and CEO of Cadinha & Co., a Honolulu, Hawaii-based registered investment advisor that ranked No. 16 on this year’s FA 100 list.

“You see subtle changes that people can make in either retaining or accumulating wealth, and it’s changing just a little discipline,” she said.

Over time, living a humble lifestyle can help build sizable assets, in what Mike Conner, a chartered financial analyst and managing partner at Berwyn, Pennsylvania-based Kistler-Tiffany Advisors (No. 14 on the FA 100 list) calls the “neighbor next door philosophy.” That diligence, combined with taking risks by being entrepreneurial, has the power to catapult people to high levels of wealth.

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