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The Brilliance of Being Impatient

Source | LinkedIn | Tim Denning | Aussie Blogger | Leader | Sales Professional – Inspiring The World Through Personal Development & Entrepreneurship

Impatience is thought of as negative. What if it’s not?

There are times where we’re all impatient. We can’t wait for that delivery of delicious food or for our brand new phone to arrive or for our friend to drive up the driveway so we can go out for an enjoyable Saturday night.

The traditional advice is to keep calm and be patient to get what you want. That advice can definitely be helpful in certain situations, but so can being impatient.

Being impatient has the following advantages:

  • It creates urgency
  • It drives you to an outcome
  • It makes you be unreasonable

These three advantages of being impatient contribute to the brilliance it creates in your life. I’m one of those people who, at times, is quite impatient. I want everything done yesterday and waiting is not something I was born to do very often.

Impatience Applied to Creative Endeavors

As a writer, impatience has served me well. By being too impatient to run a website, I found Medium, and that was a game-changer.

By being too impatient to build an audience, I borrowed other people’s by being a guest writer on their blog.

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