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The buzz words-ATTITUDE and HAPPINESS

By | AS Girish | Professor, XIME Kochi and Former HR Head & HR Advisor at Apollo Tyres Ltd, India

In early 1990s I was working in Delhi. My office was at Connaught place very near to Park hotel. This hotel had a unique programme titled Park goes public. Every month there will be an evening talk by a renowned  motivational speaker. The motivation to go for the programme was a sumptuous Hi-Tea and the other is to listen to a good speaker. Mr. Shiv  Khera was the speaker one evening(You can win-author). The caption of his speech is vivid in my mind ‘’Total Quality People” (TQP). The entire stress of the speech was about developing healthy attitude and there by achieving happiness. Later after few years Shiv Khera’s point came to my mind when I came across the tagline of Ford India company’s recruitment tag line.’’ We hire attitude and then impart skills’’. In the modern current era of Employee engagement also the key factor we are all looking for is positive Attitude .Attitude+ Happiness will result in TQP.

Aristotle defined

’’ Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence’’

The foundation for this is Attitude. In one of the training the trainer assigned value of 1to 26 from A to Z. A is 1 and Z is 26.Then he wrote two words in the board ‘ATTITUDE ‘ and ‘KNOWLEDGE’. He assigned the corresponding figures and added to arrive at the total. Attitude got 100 and Knowledge 96.This is convey the significance of Attitude above Knowledge.

I have often seen my wife conducting performance appraisal of domestic help and vendors. The main variable she will keep on reiterating is Attitude of the person. In all walks of life we need Total Quality People with Attitude and Happiness.

Denis Waity the famous motivational speaker said ‘

’ Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love ,grace and gratitude’’.

Let our deeds magnify our Attitude and Happiness.



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