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The captain with an eye for minute details

Source | | By|Aparna Piramal Raje

There is more than one story in this workplace. In fact, there are three. The Bengaluru office I’m visiting is spacious, brightly-coloured, well-populated with objects, and full of many narratives. Giving me the guided tour is its occupant, 51-year-old Ajit Isaac, chairman and managing director of Quess Corp. Ltd, a business services provider organization. Museum-like precision dominates the workspace’s look and feel. Objects are personally curated and neatly presented. “I don’t like clutter at all,” he says.

When A story stays

First up is the story of his professional journey, captured by the ship behind his desk. “This is something that’s stayed with me through all my offices across the last 15 years. I read a story about it. It’s a scale-size replica of a ship that sailed almost 200 

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