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The Case For Going Back To The Office

It's been two years after the pandemic's start, and much of corporate America isn't ready to leave remote work behind for a permanent return to the office—and I'm not either. But, having your team back in the office has benefits too

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Raise your hand if you miss commutes, your cubicle and the limited offerings of the break room vending machine.

What, nobody?

Two years after the pandemic’s start, much of corporate  isn’t ready to leave  behind for a permanent return to the office — and I’m not either. However, it is essential to realize that, while working remotely might be more convenient for most people, having your team back in the office has benefits too. Allow me to make my case.

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Increased touchpoints

Walking down the hall or even up one floor to talk to a coworker has never seemed like a big ask, so why do so many workers feel like sending a Slack or  message is going to throw the recipient’s day entirely out of focus?

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