Book Review

The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone’s Mind

By | Jonah Berger

From the author of new York Times bestsellers contagious and invisible influence comes a revolutionary approach to changing anyone’s mind. Everyone has something they want to change. Marketers want to change their customers’ minds and leaders want to change organisations. Start-ups want to change industries and Non-profits want to change the world. But change is hard. Often, we persuade and pressure and push, but nothing moves. Could there be a better way? This book takes a different approach. Successful change agents know it’s not about pushing harder, or providing more information, it’s about being a catalyst. Catalysts remove roadblocks and reduce the barriers to change. Instead of asking, “how could I change someone’s mind?” they ask a different question: “why haven’t they changed already? What’s stopping them?” The catalyst identifies the key barriers to change and how to mitigate them

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