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The Challenge of Leading In A Culture of Distrust.

Source | | Gifford Thomas

Jim sat with his manager to discuss his performance during the past six months, but during the discussion with his manager Jim was caught off-guard with his manager’s discussion:

 “Jim, you are too soft with your people, you need to show them you are a jerk, show them who the boss is.”

Now the culture of the organization is very toxic, but Jim was the exception to the rule, but now he was being forced to adopt a style of management not align to his personality and his values. So eventually, when the pressure was unbearable from his manager, Jim left the company to the disbelief of his team. But can you blame Jim, how can anyone lead in a culture of distrust between employees and management.

Inspire Trust

One of the biggest mistakes many leaders make, according to David Horsager, is to assume that people trust them merely by the virtue of their title. Trust is not a benefit that comes packaged with the nameplate on your door. It must be earned, and it takes time. Trust can’t be built overnight; it requires time, effort, diligence, and character. Inspiring trust is not slick or easy to fake. Trust is like a forest. It takes a long time to grow and can burn down with a just touch of carelessness.

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