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The chaos of workplace connections

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  • With the turn of the workplace culture and the evolving younger workforce, the traditional dynamics of employee engagement also undergoes a diverse recast

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While many believe that things that cannot be measured matter the most, I am of the opinion that things that can be measured are also critical to ensure greater productivity.

By measuring an initiative or strategy, we can help build a process, a system and give direction to what we want to do. It also helps us understand how the process can be completed most effectively, keeping in mind the softer, non-measurable aspects too.

It also allows to build a positive mindset amongst employees, keeping them inspired with a vision. As company culture is cultivated over time, companies usually assign various metaphors such as ‘glue of the business’, or use buzzwords such as ‘energy’, ‘purpose’ and ‘engagement’. However, people remain the biggest differentiators and best resources. They are your company’s assets.

If people do not feel valued at their workplace, they are likely to quit as soon as another door opens for them. No company would like to lose out on their best resources. Validating this point is the 2017 Gallup report, which states that 51 percent of the workforces are not engaged, and 16 percent are actively disengaged. The simple reason for disconnection is lack of employee recognition and for obvious reasons; people not being valued or appreciated for what they bring to the table.

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