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The demand for flexible work ‘will only accelerate’ in coming years as workers feel more empowered

By | Ashton Jackson |

In the past two years, work has changed tremendously as many people shifted to remote work, went through a career change, or quit working altogether. One thing that seems to be favored amongst most workers, however, is flexibility.

According to Nick Lillios, CEO of Nowsta, a workforce management platform, 2022 is the year for flex work. In 2020, many Americans were forced into hybrid and remote work models after the start of the coronavirus pandemic. And according to a recent report from Apollo Technical, an IT and engineering agency, 72% of workers now prefer a flexible work model over returning to office full-time.

Flex work can promote autonomy in areas like making a work schedule or having to show up in person for a shift. Furthermore, it allows managers to customize initiatives and policies to individual employee needs.

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