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The Difference Between Leaders And Managers

Source | | Ashira Prossack

Leader, manager, and boss are effectively all the same position, but the titles themselves have different implied meanings. Does this make a difference in the workplace? Absolutely. Titles are subjective, but quite impactful.

The difference can be seen in the definition of the words. As defined by Merriam-Webster, to manage is to direct or carry on business or affairs, and to lead is to direct operations, activity, or performance.

Based on these definitions, management is focused on business processes whereas leadership is focused on people. The best leaders understand how to focus on both, therefore making their title of little importance. Unfortunately, perception is king and titles are given an importance they shouldn’t necessarily have.

Leader tends to elicit a more positive reaction from employees, whereas manager tends to be synonymous with bossiness, which people think negatively of. Leadership is often viewed as being more open and inclusive, whereas management is often viewed as rigid and authoritarian.

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