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By | Sonia Mooney | Global HR Leader | Consultant | HR Transformation | Agile HR | Employee Experience | Digital HR | SONIAMOONEY.COM

Define – Measure – Refine – Succeed

“Measure your business impact in our disrupted, digital world”

By Sonia Mooney & Soumyasanto Sen

Digitalising HR is a game-changer for businesses, enabling us to deliver efficiencies, excellent employee experiences and better business outcomes, providing a competitive advantage for organisations. 

Yet this isn’t about technology alone. Digitalising is a mindset, a way of thinking and working, creating streamlined, thoughtful, cohesive digital solutions with the human touch and the employee experience at the core – it’s about taking a holistic approach.

What differentiates a successful digital HR strategy is not the number of activities completed, or time, resources and budget invested – it’s value. A successful strategy delivers significant value for our people, business and customers, ensuring a return on investment for our organisations.

Measuring this value, and the resulting business impact is key, and data is the critical component. Data makes the invisible – visible, and it helps us connect the dots.

Defining and tracking the metrics that work best for your organisation will help guide you on your digital HR journey to unlock the power of technology, shape the most effective solutions and deliver exceptional business outcomes. 

In this resource you’ll find metrics categorised under four sections – efficiency, engagement, productivity and profitability. We recommend that you select metrics from each of the four sections to create a comprehensive metric set tailored to your own business needs, to help drive your path to success.

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