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The Dos And Don’t Of Taking Your Kids On a Business Trip

Source | FastCompany : By LAURA VANDERKAM

If you’ve got a family, traveling for work can be tough. You miss the kids. They miss you. That homesickness leads some working parents to consider a radical solution: bringing the kids along on business trips.

There are pluses and minuses, says Henley Vazquez, co-founder and CEO of Pas-sported, a website focused on family travel. She began to bring her two children on her European business trips years ago because her husband’s family lived in Spain, and she continues to bring them along frequently. There are the obvious downsides, including airplane temper tantrums, she says. There’s this less obvious one, too: Sometimes working parents need solo time. “I kind of like returning to the hotel room when I’m exhausted, having no schedule, and flopping down and eating dinner in my bathrobe with the TV on, which I never get to do at home,” says Vazquez. “People shouldn’t feel guilty about taking time for themselves.”

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