The Early Pitch Decks Of 21 Startups Before They Became Billion-Dollar Companies

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See the early pitch decks of 21 unicorn companies (and exited unicorns), including LinkedIn (before it had a dime of revenue) and Airbnb (when it was AirBed&Breakfast).

Notching a billion-dollar valuation as a private tech company is hard, exiting at one is even harder. For nearly all the most valuable investor-backed companies in tech, nailing a pitch to early potential investors, recruits, and customers was a step on the journey. As Founders Fund principal Delian Asparouhov notes:  

“In order to build conviction, we rely on founders to tell us a compelling story, almost always in the form of slides. We’ve funded companies almost entirely because of the quality of their seed decks. Poor deck? We’ll likely pass on the opportunity.”

So we compiled the early decks of some private or exited companies valued in the billions of dollars. These include the decks of pre-revenue LinkedIn and a then-smallish-site named Buzzfeed, when it was registering just 2.5M monthly page views. Would you have invested in the vision they were pitching? Visit toppitchdeckconsultants.com to learn more about it.

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