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The Emerging Jobs of 2020: Why they are on top – and how long they will last

Source | LinkedIn | Siddharth (Sid) Pai | Venture Capital for deep science and deep tech, Consultant, Columnist

LinkedIn’s survey of the top emerging jobs in 2020 came as no surprise. LinkedIn lists Artificial Intelligence Specialists, Blockchain Developers, Java Script Developers, Back-end developers and Robotic Process Automation Consultants as the top jobs for the year.

Almost all firms today – whether or not they are in the technology field, are being buffeted by the winds of technological change. The main technologies causing change at corporations are:

a) Artificial Intelligence and its allied fields such as Data Science 

b) Blockchain and its myriad use cases – where a new use case for the technology seems to be found almost every day, 

c) the “digitalization” of businesses – which require firms to change their front-end presentation to their end clients as well as to rejig their back-end systems and business processes to fit the newly designed front ends, and 

d) the computerized automation (or mechanization) of jobs that involve repetitive processing.

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