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The end of the Humble Desk: Employees need space to Collaborate more than they need desks !

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | Leading Global HR Analytics, Driving Business Growth

💡 The global workplace utilization is less than 30 percent – about half the pre-pandemic level – If we look at it another way, this means that more than 70% of desks are free during the week !

⚠️ Highly publicized discussions about RTO mandates failed to move the needle.

📈 Global office utilization rates continue to be highest midweek, with Mondays and especially Fridays showing far lower workplace utilization.

💥 In practice, many workers spent their days shifting among conference rooms, lounge space, private offices, and coffee areas.

Half of the desks in offices are utilized for less than one hour per day !

Conference rooms and smaller enclosed meeting areas are occupied during 67 percent of the workday, according to a new interesting research published by XY Sense using data 📊 from +34,000 office spaces, 9 countries.

✅Less than 30% of office utilization per week !

Average office utilization per week : 29%

Researchers noticed that the average global office utilization is declining during holidays seasons (July to August) but remains around 29% on average.

☝️ While return-to-office (RTO) mandates from major global companies were widely publicized across the year 2023, this data showed no material change in workplace utilization compared to the previous quarters.

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