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The epidemic of loneliness: finding peace in the most disconnected of times!

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It was unexpected. Only the evening before I had had the most fantastic and professionally satisfying meeting an entrepreneur can ask for. And yet, the morning after, the tears had flowed unchecked. For that one hour, I had cried with abandon. I had no reason to hold any of it back.

And yes, as I was crying, I was bewildered by the tears and thought it was weird, like how and why was this happening. And then I realized there was no one judging me for my tears. No one looking down on me as if I was weak. No one to whom I had to explain my tears. And I knew it was time for me to stop judging myself and instead experience what was happening without the lens of self-judgment or criticism

Throughout that hour-long session with a healer, I knew my tears were part of the healing process. And sure enough, I felt lighter after the crying, almost as if the tears had cleansed away any lingering feelings of sadness from any pain I may have endured in the past. From any hurt, I was feeling in the present.

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