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The epidemic of loneliness: finding peace in the most disconnected of times!

Source |  | By|Shradha sharma 

It was unexpected. Only the evening before I had had the most fantastic and professionally satisfying meeting an entrepreneur can ask for. And yet, the morning after, the tears had flowed unchecked. For that one hour, I had cried with abandon. I had no reason to hold any of it back.

And yes, as I was crying, I was bewildered by the tears and thought it was weird, like how and why was this happening. And then I realized there was no one judging me for my tears. No one looking down on me as if I was weak. No one to whom I had to explain my tears. And I knew it was time for me to stop judging myself and instead experience what was happening without the lens of self-judgment or criticism.

Throughout that hour-long session with a healer, I knew my tears were part of the healing process. And sure enough, I felt lighter after the crying, almost as if the tears had cleansed away any lingering feelings of sadness from any pain I may have endured in the past. From any hurt, I was feeling in the present.

I was grateful for those tears. They were my way of expressing any pent-up feelings of grief, sadness, anger, and loneliness, all of which in some way were most probably connected to my past that has stayed with me. I welcomed the tears. I was acutely aware of the fact that many others are not so fortunate. There are those who struggle to find an outlet for that acute sense of loneliness that usually stems from a plethora of events in one’s life – from losing a parent, a partner, friend, or a sibling too abruptly, to the shame associated with losing one’s status in society, to feelings of humiliation, dissatisfaction, disgrace, misery, and dejection that may seem to have no obvious or specific cause. Or even just holding a grudge, mostly with life… that puts us in a lonely place.

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