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The Essence of Leadership

An excellent summation of the essence of leadership by General Colin Powell


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  1. America's new "Illustrious Leader" desperately needs to listen to what General Powell has just said even if it's only a summation! Leadership and trust. Can our "Illustrious Leader" really boast of these two elements…with a straight face?

  2. Trust is vital to leadership absolutely, but I don't think it is the essence of leadership.  I believe the essence of leadership is influence.  True leadership produces action.  Trust is a component of leadership, but not the essence of it.  Great video though and great story!

  3. Collin Powell spoke to a group of us in 2004 not long after retiring as Secretary of State. He talked for 45 minutes and it was like 45 seconds. No one has ever come within a bulls roar of this iconic yet humble man who told us his first job was mopping floors at Coca Cola and he told us his managers name. No wonder he is still in high demand today by powers all over the world.

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