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The essential LMS implementation plan: expectations, estimated timelines and exceptions | Ciphr editorial

Implementing new learning management systems in the workplace can be tricky. Ciphr’s essential LMS implementation plan will help you avoid any potential issues and make sure you get everything you need from your new software

If you’ve ever led the charge on organising a major event – whether as part of your job or outside of work – you’ll know how much planning is needed to make it a success. And although implementing a new LMS might not be quite as exciting as planning a wedding, or dream holiday, it still requires prep work to make it a success.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. And, now that your decision-makers are bought in to your LMS project, it’s time for the real hard work to begin. Our overview includes the steps you’d usually expect to take while implementing a new (or first) LMS, the estimated timelines, and what you may (or may not) expect – guided by Ciphr’s own implementation plan.

Internal process management

Internal process management

Your first step for your LMS implementation plan is an important one: generating stakeholder buy-in. There will be many colleagues involved in deciding if the time is right to invest in your first (or replacement) LMS software. You’ll need to show how it benefits them, their team, and your organisation.

Your management team will be focused on the organisation’s overall objectives and areas that need improvement. These goals may include simplifying processes, increasing productivity, or boosting sales effectiveness – and the…

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