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The EU Rules on Artificial Intelligence – Five actions to consider now!

Source | | Peter Sondergaard

For a couple of years, the EU Commission has worked on rules, regulations, and incentives around Artificial Intelligence. On April 21st, it released the long-awaited proposal for harmonized regulations on AI. The proposal to be adopted in national legislation is a far-reaching set of rules that will impact all organizations, at par and perhaps even more comprehensive, than GDPR. Understanding the basics of the new rules and the organizational impact is a requirement for all senior executives.

Announcement details:

The announcement includes a large number of new requirements for organizations, whether providers or users of AI. Not all the specific actions for organizations are immediately apparent in the EU Commission’s summary nor clear from the press coverage following the announcement. However, the main points of the announcement are:

Levels of AI Risk: The central and critical element of the announcement is the splitting of AI solutions and products into four categories according to risk. The proposal defines AI risk as to the ability to consciously and unconsciously manipulate humans, violate people’s rights, pose a danger to people or enable social scoring or segmentation. The risk categories are:

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