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The Evolution of People Analytics at Microsoft (Interview with Dawn Klinghoffer, Head of People Analytics)

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I’m often asked to provide examples of global organisations that lead the way when it comes to people analytics, whether that’s based on business outcomes, benefit to the workforce or sophistication of the work.

Microsoft is always one of the first companies that I mention. The leader of Microsoft’s People Analytics team is Dawn Klinghoffer and she is my guest on this week’s episode of the podcast, Dawn has led the People Analytics function at Microsoft for over 15 years, and we caught up recently at the global executive retreat that Insight222 and TI People hosted on the topics of Next Gen HR, people analytics and digital HR.

I’ve known Dawn for a few years and never fail to be impressed with the pioneering work she and her team are doing at Microsoft. In our conversation, Dawn and I discuss the evolution of people analytics at Microsoft and the recent change she has made in how the team is organised.

You can listen below or by visiting the podcast website here.

In our conversation, Dawn and I discuss:

  • Her vision for people analytics at Microsoft

  • How she organises her people analytics function at Microsoft

  • The importance of employee trust in creating and sustaining an advanced people analytics function

  • Examples of people analytics projects being delivered at Microsoft

  • Ways to create a data driven culture

  • We look into the crystal ball and ponder what the role of HR will be in 2025

This episode is a must listen for anyone in a workforce or people analytics role, HR and business professionals interested in how people data can drive business outcomes and CHROs looking to build or scale their people analytics capabilities.

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