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By | Sreekanth K Arimanithaya | Global Talent and Enablement Services Leader, EY Global Delivery Services

Learning, skilling, re-skilling are all critical career investments and experiences. As the ways of working change, subsequently, the nature of the workforce evolves. Here is how our new learning module to engage our gig workforce came to life.

 The corporate landscape is constantly evolving – the nature of business, work, workplace, ways of working and eventually, the workforce, are changing. One key trend in this new ecosystem is the increasing use of the microservices architecture.

This has been the foundation of the gig economy.

 While gig working provides the organization with speed, agility, access to niche skills and talent pools, it provides gig professionals with career flexibility of their choosing.

 As the market matures and we have a more diverse make-up in our workforce, there is a burning need to create employee experiences that are uniform and tangible. While certain areas like recruitment, onboarding or even performance management are easier to streamline– complex and diverse elements like learning have traditionally posed a challenge.

 Having said that, learning, skilling, re-skilling, or upskilling are very intrinsic to success – for individual career growth and of actualization of the organization’s vision. When we put this in the context of gig professionals, who are more fluid in their engagement with the organization, a good learning program would require consistency in approach and opportunities built on platforms of the future. That’s why at EY Global Delivery Services (GDS), we are focused on providing the best learning experiences for all our people, including our gig workforce.

 How do we bring world-class learning to our gig professionals?

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