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The Fatal Job Interview Mistake You Won’t Realize You’re Making

Source | LinkedIn : By Liz Ryan

Everywhere you look you see articles warning job-seekers about mistakes they can make on a job interview, like saying the wrong thing or giving an incomplete answer to a question.

It’s easy to become so fearful of doing or saying the wrong thing at a job interview that you lose track of the bigger picture.

Here’s the brutal truth: the biggest danger you face at a job interview is the danger of being forgotten altogether!

I was a corporate HR leader for ages. I used to walk around the building and ask the department managers “How did your interview with Melissa [or Xiao, Charles or Mohammed] go yesterday?”

Often they would say “It was fantastic! Melissa really understands e-commerce. I want to get her back in here as soon as possible to meet our VP.”

However, many other times a department manager would say “What?”

ME: Your interview with Melissa — how did it go?

MANAGER: Who, now?

ME: Melissa Sanchez — about thirty years old, my height, curly black hair — she had a green jacket on. She works at Acme Explosives. You don’t remember her?

MANAGER: Honestly, I don’t.

ME: You met with her for an hour yesterday. Carla from HR brought Melissa to your office. Carla said you told her that your brother broke his arm playing basketball. Is he okay?

MANAGER: He’s fine — just a little sore. I remember the conversation with Carla.

ME: Well, Melissa was standing right next to Carla when you had that conversation.

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