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The Fearless HR Story

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Part of HR’s struggles over the years has been ambiguity over its roles and responsibilities. A century ago, HR had a specific role that was synchronized to the needs of the business. But as business and market conditions changed, HR has been slow to react and has therefore been perceived as staying within its administrative and operational comfort zone. For HR to move forward, it must confront its past, clarify its purpose and seize future opportunities to drive business results.

“Fearless HR” is a bold, new book that addresses the path forward for the Human Resources profession. It is authored by HCI’s Chief Learning Officer Emeritus, David C. Forman, and includes a synthesis of more than 100 research studies. Many of the insights and practical tools in this book are based on Dave’s decade with HCI and the interactions he has had with our members in HCI’s classes and conferences. The foreword to Fearless HR is written by Dave Ulrich.

We are pleased to offer the Fearless HR series to HCI members. It will consist of four webcasts over the year that deal with different topics in this important book. We are also pleased to announce that Dave will conduct a special book signing in HCI’s upcoming summit conference in New Orleans.

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