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The Fifteen Traits of Visionary Leaders

Source | | Dr. Oleg Konovalov

We live in a time of leadership blindness. All leaders claim to have a vision. At best, the vast majority are only pretending. In truth, about 0.1% of business, social, or political leaders actually can be called visionaries or visionary leaders.

What differentiates the true visionary leaders from those who wish to be? Being in a room with global visionaries, I was always amazed at how these people recognize each other. They flock together like birds of a feather. This begs the question – What are the common traits they all share that make them so inspiring and successful?

We all know that they are hardworking, creative, accountable, confident, very self-disciplined, and excellent communicators. They are very good at saying ‘no’ and are exceptional decision-makers. Visionaries’ values are always aligned with their purpose. These traits are fairly obvious.

The most interesting traits though, remain hidden behind the scenes. My recent research revealed fifteen traits that make visionaries strong and successful leaders for the future and are shared by all visionaries:

  1. In personal or business life, we mainly hear people talk about their problems, often without even being interested in solutions. Visionaries are very different creatures. They talk about solutions, not problems. They thrive by finding solutions to complex issues.
  2. Visionaries push others up, helping others to realize their highest purpose. They grow by helping others to grow. 

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