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The Five Biggest Differences Between Good Managers And Bad Ones

Source | | Liz Ryan

Everybody loves to tell bad-manager stories, and if we are honest, there are lousy managers everywhere. Why are dreadful managers so common?

It’s because we are at a point in time when we are leaving one working world and entering a new one. A lot of companies have not gotten the memo. That goes for first-line supervisors, HR folks and way too many CEOs. They are asleep. They haven’t noticed that the world is changing outside their company’s walls!

Great employees won’t stick around to be mistreated, but sadly, a lot of other people will. CEOs see employees sitting at their desks, heads down, working away, and they figure everything is fine. It’s not fine. More than half of those head-down people are thinking “I hate this job and I can’t wait until I can quit!”

The lousy managers in your workplace and everywhere else are playing from an outdated playbook. They think it is 1935 and employees should  be grateful just to have a job. They think that a paycheck is more than enough reason to come to work excited and happy to do whatever pointless things they tell their employees to do. They are deluding themselves.

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