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The Five Generation Workforce

Source | LinkedIn | Sue Bhatia | Founder and Chairwoman

At the beginning of my career, I worked for a man in his sixties. He was about to retire, and the twilight of his career made him a supportive, pragmatic, and peaceful influence in my life. My colleagues were buzzing with anxiety, focused on getting ahead and competing with others, and that energy made me tense, I dreaded going into work. I felt that stress deep in my body as a constant thrum that permeated the entire work day.

One day, I walked into a meeting with my boss. I had prepared for the meeting late into the night before, old tea bags littering my desk, practicing my presentation over and over again. I was anxious and stiff as I stood in front of the client. After what seemed like an endless pause, I looked up at my boss and he smiled broadly at me. His bright, encouraging eyes softened my tense shoulders. In that moment, I appreciated that he, and other older members in my workplace, were so supportive. Studies prove that the older you get, the more level-headed you approach life, and that steadiness is exactly what I needed. Someone with experience believed in me, and that certainty carried me flawlessly through the meeting.

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