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The Five Worst Parts Of A Management Job

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I’m excited but I want to proceed with caution, because my boss has suggested that I step into a Team Leader role. If I go for it and get the job, it will be my first leadership job. The benefits are obvious. I would get a $12,000 pay increase and an extra week of vacation every year. I’d go to management meetings and do a little business traveling. I’m sure there are downsides to a management job, too. Can you please share your thoughts?



Dear Alex,

Good thinking! You are smart to look before you leap. Here are some of the worst parts of a typical first-line management role:

• Having to discipline and terminate employees

• Having to deal with corporate politics

Having to manage conflict between employees (or between your department and other departments)

• Being saddled with unrealistic goals to hit without the resources needed to reach those goals, and

• Feeling squashed between the employees and their needs, and the senior-level managers and their needs

With all these hassles to deal with, why would anyone ever accept a management job?

People do it because they like to teach and coach people. They do it because they like to encourage people. They enjoy building a team and helping their team members thrive and grow. They like setting goals and hitting those goals — not through their own individual efforts, but by supporting their teammates.

People take leadership jobs because it grows their flame to get altitude on their organizations and their own careers.

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