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The Frame

By | Adil Malia |

‘Frame’ is specific reference to a boundary created to enclose a beautiful picture to get it distinguished and noticed from the space beyond. Rather innocuous isn’t it ? But it took me a serious visit to the ‘Frame’ at Dubai to see the 150m world’s tallest Frame to be able to comprehend the criticality of ‘Frames’ in all our lives.

Frames define our boundaries – what is acceptable as distinguished from that what is not, what we will do versus that what we will not, what and who are in and those who are out. Indeed Frames are defining. They provide us clarity – once ‘framed’, you stay focused and your energy thus gets concentrated and not disseminated without direction.

Your Vision, Mission and Values are in a way the critical ‘Frames’ of your life and success..where you want to reach, why there, what are you willing to do to reach there and which behaviours will you adopt in your journey. All you then need to succeed after that is powering your actions, creating engagement and lots of fun built into the frame.

My corporate experience over time has highlighted the fact that successful leaders invest disproportionately greater time to define and get their ‘Frame’ right. The not so equally successful are seen huffing & puffing, peeving, fuming & fretting – seemingly, ever so busy in activities yet unfortunately not reaching their destinations.

Thus they rightly say – Set your Frame right to get your Game right !

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