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The Freelancer’s Dilemma: How to Avoid Mental Exhaustion to Stay Competitive & Creative

Source | LinkedIn : By Carson Tate

In a highly competitive global economy, innovation, creativity, and your business’s ability to differentiate itself through its ideas and products are essential for continued growth and profitability.

As a freelancer, information overload, 24/7 connectivity, constant interruptions from wherever you’re working, and email and text communication lead to overwhelming anxiety. Add in the fact you’re not in the office for the meetings or even the water cooler chat, and your insecurities and fears can take over – am I doing enough? Are they happy with my work? Am I and my work a good fit for this business?

All of this anxiety highjacks your time and mental resources resulting in scarcity. And when you experience scarcity of any kind—time or mental—you become absorbed by it. Your mind orients automatically toward an unfilled need.

The problem with mental scarcity is that it creates its own trap. It further perpetuates scarcity and reduces all components of our mental bandwidth—we are less insightful and less forward thinking; we have less mind to give to the dreaming about that next breakthrough idea—which are essential components of innovation.

If you want to support and nurture innovation in your work, it is time to start thinking about how to reduce mental scarcity and increase your mental bandwidth.

Here are three simple, yet powerful, ways to start.


Develop a routine for common tasks so that your brain can automatically repeat it with minimal input by you. Once the routine is established, it is interpreted by your brain as a pattern. These patterns, through frequent use, become hardwired into your brain. And the more you use a pattern, the less attention you will need to pay to doing this task. Thus, freeing up mental bandwidth for ideation.

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