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The Fundamentals Of Resilience

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In this short article, I’d like to discuss Resilience. Because a lot of resilience is required during the changes and uncertainty we are all experiencing, and all the background stress that we have with everything that’s going on in the world today. Changes in the economy, changes at work, changes in our home lives.

Resilience is really important because it’s that ability to bend and flex with what’s going on around you and then return to a state of equilibrium. A state of calm, a state of non-stress, where you can begin to recover and get back on with your life after overcoming obstacles. 

So, I’d like to discuss a model by Wagnild & Young. They said there are five elements and that if you can get these right in your life your resilience will improve dramatically.

What they say is that it’s a lot to do with ‘Purpose’. 

I’ve often talked and written about the importance of purpose. Being clear about what gets you up in the morning. Being clear about the meaning of your life, of what you do, the work you do, the relationships that you have, and having meaning beyond just the day-to-day, “Oh, I’ll achieve this or I’ll achieve that”. Having a greater sense of purpose.

The next one is ‘Perseverance’. That ability to have grit, that tenacity to overcome obstacles. Because you’re clear about your purpose and the obstacles are only a temporary setback. They’re not something that’s overwhelming and going to stop you in your tracks.

The next one is ‘Self-Reliance’ and that has a lot to do with having perseverance and clarity of purpose. Because self-reliance means being able to recognise your strengths and the resources that you have, your inner resources but also recognising your limitations. This means recognising where you might need support or where you might need to develop new skills in order to address or take on the challenges that you face. 

The next one is ‘Equanimity’. This is a very interesting term that I’ve spent many courses contemplating what equanimity really means (including the 10-day silent meditation programme called Vipassana). It’s about being able to have a calm, mindful awareness of everything that’s going on in your life and letting the past be the past. It’s also about not worrying about the future because it hasn’t happened yet. It’s about being present and maintaining a positive outlook. 

The final one is ‘Authenticity’. This is being able to understand your values. What’s dear to you. What’s important to you and living in accordance with those values. 

Our very popular new Programme called Energising your resilience covers all these elements and we also explore how to develop resilience in the 4 domains of energy:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental
  4. Spiritual

So, when it comes to Resilience, contemplate these areas and remember, Stay Curious! 

The ramifications and impact of the global pandemic are far from over and many people are showing signs of low resilience. This means leaders and managers need to consider their role in supporting their people to become more resilient. Many of them are now arranging for them to attend our Energising your Resilience Programme and the feedback from participants is consistently excellent.

For more information about the Energising your Resilience Programme, click this link: https://www.talent4performance.co.uk/energising-your-resilience-programme 

You can call me on 07970 134964 or drop me a line at David@Talent4Performance.co.uk

Republished with permission and originally published at David Klaasen’s LinkedIn

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