The Future of Adoption

[ad_1] The world of adoption is changing quickly. There continue to be abandoned children in numerous countries, and, infertility seems to be increasing. Will parents and children continue to find each other as they have in the past? For many reasons, the face of adoption in Canada is changing and doors are closing for adoptive parents. What role can Sunrise play in shaping the future of adoption in Canada?
What are the factors that are closing doors for adopting parents?

Increased Support for Birth Mothers

In Canada, the number of newborn infants placed in local adoptions has declined dramatically, falling to five percent of the former totals over the past thirty years. The reasons for this include increased financial support for young mothers, greater acceptability of single parenthood, and peer pressure on teenage mothers to keep their babies. Many other countries are experiencing similar changes in social programs and societal norms. As a result, fewer babies are available for adoption in other countries.

Increased Worldwide Demand

Increasingly parents throughout the world are considering adoption. This increased demand is causing some countries to close their doors to international adoption. Countries have longer and longer waiting lists. While the Adoption doors may remain open, it will only be for a few because of the small number of children available. With very few exceptions, gone are the days of "adoption programs" with specific countries. We seem to be heading toward adoption gridlock where the number of parents wanting to adopt exceedes the children eligible to be adopted.

International Treaties

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Hague Convention on International Adoption are changing the landscape of inter-country adoptions. The complex procedures of these international agreements are intended to provide protection for the child, birth parents and adopting parents from corrupt practices. The combined result…

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