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The Future Of Leadership — From A Millennials Perspective.

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The state of leadership in this data-driven, technology-led and challenging time in the global economy, needs some attention.

Leaders are being tricked into focusing on their numbers.
Leaders are forgetting the power of respecting people.
Leaders have forgotten how powerful inspiration and positivity are.

Let me be very clear: now more than ever we need to focus on the people we manage because, without that, the story the numbers tell won’t be a good one.

Less time needs to be spent on talking about culture and actually taking action in areas that make people engaged, fulfilled and energized to come to work.

Every day we go to work to create our legacy. As a leader, you must never forget this fundamental truth in your own career and the careers of your people.

Here’s what the future of leadership is about:

Leadership is about inspiration, not domination.

Yes, you are a leader and can fire people if you’d like to.

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